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What is Fibercoin?

Fibercoin is a fully centralised Roger.

Didarmetu, the coin dev, foolishly sent 54,000 FBC to a scam 'exchange' for a Fibercoin listing.

The exchange, being a scam, immediately dumped the 54K onto AltMarkets.io exchange and sold it at market price. <- This is the only involvement the 'scam exchange' had in this mess.

Didarmetu was obviously unhappy with this outcome, so he took it upon himself to take his "decentralised" coin with an "immutable ledger", and roll back the chain to before he initially sent the 54K to the 'scammer'.

This meant that the 54K FBC, which had already been traded for DOGE AND deposited to other users on the AltMarkets exchange, vanished.

As a result AltMarkets were left out of pocket with imaginary FBC balances, and had to refund their users caught up in this mess. They immediately delisted Fibercoin for obvious reasons - the chain had just been rolled back and they were at a financial loss due to Didarmetu's actions.

The original 54K FBC transaction has unfortunately completely vanished from the block explorer since the chain was rolled back, but it was here: 54K TX

Didarmetu still doesn't seem to believe that he's done anything wrong, and on top of that - he is happy to tell his Fibercoin users that AltMarkets delisted his coin without telling them why. His users are now even calling AltMarkets scammers for "randomly" delisting Fibercoin. He's also asked for this not to be posted so that his investors "don't panic".


The block that the FBC chain was rolled back in was this block here: FBC Rollback

Notice the jump in time between this block and the previous block "77285" - almost 5 hours.

Attempt to warn

I attempted to explain and warn his users here first:

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Upon my second time explaining Didar's actions in further detail in his Fibercoin discord, he deleted my messages and muted me from the server, saying this:

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Further PMs

Update, upon posting this online, didarmetu decided to speak to me privately:

good day
we you are trying this we are try to resolve this problem

—didarmetu, 6:50 AM

You caused the problem.
And then you blocked me on your server.
So now I've written it up so that everyone can read what happened.

—TheHoliestRoger, 6:51 AM

you now we have been scammed

—didarmetu, 6:53 AM

Yes, I know you got scammed.

—TheHoliestRoger, 6:53 AM

and we are trying to resolve this problem by altmarkes

—didarmetu, 6:53 AM

I've explained that on my website.
But after you got scammed - YOU turned into a scammer yourself
When you rolled your chain back.
That is not acceptable.

—TheHoliestRoger, 6:53 AM

i have tell altmerkts to help they just laugh

—didarmetu, 6:54 AM

they cannot help
this is how it works
you sent money to a scammer
that is your loss
your problem
YOUR fault
they cannot help if he already sold the funds

—TheHoliestRoger, 6:54 AM

so how can i secure my investors

—didarmetu, 6:55 AM


—TheHoliestRoger, 6:55 AM

one of other coin developer send me the link
normaly i will not
but many coins have scammed

—didarmetu, 6:55 AM

please help FBC there are namy people invest in this coin. if you sread negative info cos of me it will effect badly
i will try my best to resolve this issue
but by this actions all FBC investors will panic

—didarmetu, 6:58 AM