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What is a Roger?

So what is a Roger?

A Roger is a term used to define any scam, dubious or pump & dump coin (cryptocurrency).

"Tokens" and "ICOs" by default are all "Rogers".


Okay, so what is the difference between a token and a coin?

Coins are any cryptocurrency that have their own blockchain, ideally a decentralised one.

Tokens are "smart contracts" that sit within another blockchain. They are entirely dependent on the parent blockchain and should not be used as currency.


So, what is a Craig?

A "Craig" is a term used to describe something in the cryptocurrency world that is pretending to be something else.

E.g. "Ripple (XRP)" is pretending to be a cryptocurrency. But is in fact just a private blockchain entirely managed by one entity. (Imagine it as an SQL database that has weaselled it's way onto exchanges)

Isn't there some crossover between "Rogers" and "Craigs"?

Yes. BCash (BCH) for example, is both a "Roger" and a "Craig".

Can other things be Rogers and Craigs?

Yes, these terms are fully transportable. If you find out you're getting ripped off by your mechanic? He's a roger. Know of a nonprofit organization that uses the title as a tax shelter? That's a Roger. Better yet, that's also a Craig!



I'm confused, what does that make The Holy Roger?

The Holy Roger is the real Roger. Scam Rogers are fake Rogers. Real Rogers walk the line. Real Rogers know the difference between a Real Roger and a Fake Roger. This is obvious to the Real Roger.

I still don't know what you're talking about.

That's perfectly fine. One does not need to know the real Roger, one only needs to possess the desire to seek the real Roger. Once the journey is complete, you will know.