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The Holy Roger Coin

The Holy Roger Coin (ROGER) is the leading cryptocurrency coin?

ROGER is developed with a focus on outing scams, being The Holiest Roger and trolling all Fake Rogers

Symbol: ROGER
Algorithm: Scrypt
Github: The Holy Roger Coin
Logo: ROGER Logo
Explorers: ROGER Explorer, chainz.cryptoID Explorer
Mining Pool: ROGER Mining Pool
Paper Wallet Generator: ROGER Paper Wallet Address Generator
Halvening: ROGER Block Reward Halving Countdown

BitcoinTalk: ROGER BitcoinTalk Announcement
CoinGecko: ROGER on CoinGecko
Exchanges: AltMarkets.io

IRC: #TheHolyRoger on Libera
Discord: TheHolyRoger Discord Retreat TheHolyRoger Discord.me
Keybase: TheHolyRoger Keybase Team
Telegram: TheHolyRoger Telegram Group
Reddit: ROGER Reddit
Twitter: @RealRogerCrypto

Block Time: 2.5 minutes
Reward: 50 ROGER, halved every 840,000 blocks
Maturity: 100
Premine: 15,000,000 ROGER
Current Supply: Live Coin Supply
Max Supply: 99,000,000 ROGER

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Software Releases

AUR (Arch Linux user repository): Roger Core Node/Wallet builds for Arch Linux
GitHub builds: Roger Core Node/Wallet builds for Windows/Mac/Ubuntu



Roger Whitepaper


15,000,000 ROGER to be distributed to the community.
5,300,000 ROGER left

Reserve addresses

Current reserve
Old reserve


The Holy Roger Token

The Holy Roger Coin is redeemable with The Holy Roger Token at a rate of 1 ROGER Token (ERC20) = 0.1 ROGER Coin
Token is now dead!