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Tokens and ICOs

What are Tokens and ICOs?

Tokens are different to coins/cryptocurrencies in that all tokens are created at the "birth" of the asset (pre-mined). This is different to Coins, which are distributed as a reward for securing the network (mining).

ICO stands for "Initial Coin Offering", and they are projects that offer a "Token" to investors in exchange for payment in coins/cryptocurrencies.

When considering ICOs, you should remember that in order for coins to be "real" cryptocurrencies, they must be decentralised. This is almost never going to be the case for ICO projects and Tokens.

ICOs and Tokens are the best way to get yourself kickstarted into a good Rogering, as it'll will be almost impossible to find an ICO or Token that won't be either a Roger or a Craig.

What are the non-Ethereum tokens?

Ripple is a classic example of a Token, but it is also the perfect example of a Craig as it sits on a private blockchain and pretends to be a "Coin"/cryptocurrency.

Is there a list of all Ethereum tokens?

ETH Token list