The Holy Roger Coin

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What is The Holy Roger Coin?

The Holy Roger Coin (ROGER) is the leading altcoin derived from Litecoin. ROGER is developed with a focus on outing scams and trolling The Fake Roger.

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Github: The Holy Roger Coin
Symbol: ROGER
Exchange: ROGER Exchange
Explorer: ROGER Explorer
Mining Pool: ROGER Mining Pool
Paper Wallet Generator: ROGER Paper Wallet Address Generator
IRC: #TheHolyRoger on Freenode
Discord: TheHolyRoger Discord Retreat
Telegram: TheHolyRoger Telegram Group
Reddit: ROGER Reddit

Software Releases

AUR (Arch Linux user repository): Roger Core Node/Wallet builds for Arch Linux
GitHub builds: Roger Core Node/Wallet builds for Windows/Mac/Ubuntu

The Holy Roger Token

The Holy Roger Coin is redeemable with The Holy Roger Token at a rate of 1 ROGER Token = 0.1 ROGER Coin


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